About Us

We are Accountants, Bookkeepers, Tax Agents, Finance Specialist, Mortgage Broker and Business Advisors. 

And we love what we do. 

AdvisorCorp was founded in 2016 to provide comprehensive accounting, taxation and financial services to local individuals and business. We aim to simplify compliance and offer value-based services to our clients in Canberra and the surrounding region.  We specialise in practical advice and support to help business build and develop sustainable businesses.

Our proven methodologies were initially formulated to assist locally-owned business. Through maximising resources, managing cash-flow and reducing overheads, we were able to turn this business around. We have now refined these methodologies and look forward to achieving similar results for new clients. Our passion is to work with clients to maximise their business potential.

What makes AdvisorCorp a unique Profession Service Providers in the Industry

Our Vision

Our vision is to offer holistic business advisory services to our clients. We are passionate about tax, accounting and finance; as well as about developing and implementing sophisticated business systems.               

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a one-stop-shop advisory hub to fulfil all business needs. We aim to deliver quality, efficient and affordable solutions that can help our clients thrive.

Our Values
  1. Genuine 
  2. Customer Service
  3. Client Value Creation
  4. Personal Accountability
  5. Innovative
Our Strength

We are a team of qualified accountants, bookkeepers and mortgage brokers; with a passion for embracing progressive thinking and the latest technologies. Our business systems and business model encourage our team to deliver personalised and quality services to our clients. 

Our Strategy

Our business systems can reduce overheads and remove double-handling. As a result; our clients have profitable businesses with effective and efficient staff. Our team and systems form an integral part of your business; which gives you the client, more time to focus on the things that matter.

Meet our team


Prabh Sandhu B.Acc, MIPA, AFA, D.FMBM

Phone - 02 6190 0800

Mortgage Broker

Anita Song D.FMBM

Phone - 02 6190 0888

Bookkeeper & Payroll Officer

Ciji Antony B.Com, CS​

Phone - 02 6190 0880

Accountant & Broker Support Officer

Ancila George B.Acc

Phone - 02 6190 0880

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