Director Identification Number

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18.04.2022 17:46 Comment(s)

Director Identification Number

You need a director identification number (director ID) if you're a company's director, a registered Australian body, a registered foreign company or an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporation.
Deputy Registrar of the newly established Australian Business Registry Services (ABRS), and this article will explain everything you need to know about director identification numbers. What they are, who needs one and how you can get one.

Director identification number or ‘director ID’ is the first service introduced on the Australian Business Registry Services. Director IDs are unique identifiers that you’ll apply for once and keep forever even if you change companies, stop being a director, change your name or move interstate or overseas.

Change your name or move interstate or overseas. Director IDs are being introduced to verify the identity of directors and help prevent the use of false and fraudulent director identities. Applying for a director ID is free. You’ll need one if you’re already a director or intend to become a director of a company or other body corporate registered under the Corporations Act most relevant to you. Just like applying for a tax file number, only you can apply for your director ID so you can verify your identity with ABRS. No one can apply for you. You can apply online now by completing these three simple steps. 
  1. Visit and click the ‘Apply now with myGovID’ button and log in. myGovID is an app you download that lets you prove who you are when using online government services. If you don’t have a myGovID, you’ll need to set one up to a Standard or Strong identity strength. It’s important to note that myGovID is not the same thing as your myGov account. To set up your myGovID, visit the website at
  2. You’ll need to answer some questions that will allow ABRS to verify your identity and link it to your ATO record. The fastest way to complete this step is to provide ABRS with your tax file number and residential address, as held in ATO records.
  3. You need to complete a director ID application form that should take less than five minutes. Once you’ve finished it and clicked submit, we’ll instantly issue you with your director ID on the screen. If you can’t apply for your director ID online, we have non-digital options you can use. 

You’ll be doing your bit to protect our community from those doing the wrong thing. For more information about director ID, visit

Please complete our form to give your director ID to AdvisorCorp if we are responsible for managing your company’s records to keep on file.