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Too loyal or time-poor for a better rate
Finance can be so tedious. With a new month, comes another rate cut but this means that you can save more money. Matters of personal finance may be presumed so dull and/or difficult that they are immediately filed in the too-hard basket and people are often slugged with a 'lazy tax' - the price paid...
Anita Song
10.12.2020 17:52 - Comment(s)
Speeding up loan approval process
The most common reason for a delay is a lender’s turnaround time to assessment, especially when some lenders have competitive offerings and experience larger application volumes. Still, a lack of preparation can cause this delay to snowball.
Anita Song
10.12.2020 17:52 - Comment(s)
Best time to refinance your home loan
Refinancing can also allow you to consolidate your debts or pay down your mortgage more quickly.
Another common reason borrowers look to refinance is so that they can access equity – the amount you'd get from selling your home after settling any associated loans, such as a mortgage on that property, ...
Delta Team
05.02.2020 13:18 - Comment(s)