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Business Loan & Finance Services

Let us know what you’re looking for so we can help match you with a finance solution that’s right for you. We have access to 3,400+ loan options from over 45 of Australia’s leading lenders.

Commercial real estate finance

Like residential real estate finance, the commercial category is extremely competitive among banks and lenders. Your business can make the most of this to create excellent opportunities for growth and long-term investment.

Working capital finance

Having working capital on hand also means you have funds to create growth and make the most of any opportunities when they happen. The money is there if and when you need it, and you usually only start repayments when you’ve drawn down on it.

The main purpose of working capital finance is to provide your business with short-term funding, to help you keep operational until your business has enough cash on hand to cover these expenses on an ongoing basis.

Equipment and vehicle finance

If you are trying to get your hands on new equipment, you require to grow your business by still keeping your cash flow and working capital. 

There are several different solutions out there to consider. Apart from preserving your day to day funds, a new asset can allow you to use the assets to generate immediate income, budget more accurately, secure the loan with the asset.

SMSF Lending

More than half a million self-managed super funds are now in operation according to recent statistics from the ATO. The average balance of an SMSF rocketed past $1 million, with the "average” fund balance now around $1.2m. It is estimated that the SMSF market will grow to $2.23 trillion by 2033.

With these statistics in mind, there has never been a better time to consider becoming involved in this growing market.

Construction Lending

A construction loan is a type of home financing aimed to help clients who are building their house from scratch. Construction loans have an entirely different structure than the typical housing loan. When you use a construction loan, the estimated amount of your home might not be given away in a lump sum — instead, your lender will be giving you portions of your loan in progression, or what are widely-known as draw-downs or progress payments.

We can help you understand the market and simplify the process of the loan application.

Franchisee loans

Franchising is a model that can unleash the full potential of your business and allow it to grow into a national and international powerhouse. 

Franchisee loans can be used to expand a current business or start a new one. There are various options available depending on the type of franchise business; we help you choose the finance product that suits your business best.

Debtor Finance

This is an extremely effective way of unlocking cash that’s already been invoiced to your clients. It’s like a cash advance based on money you’ve already earned from your customers, without having to wait for the traditional 30, 60 or even 90 day payment periods. 

By financing slow-paying invoices, debtor financing accelerates the revenue, improves working capital and provides you funds to pay suppliers, wages or other expenses. This improvement offers financial stability, which is essential for any business.

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